Friday, 7 December 2012


Super fun colours! via here

Well hello and Happy Friday lovelies! I'm in that mood where I just wanna have fun, it is Friday after all, but the best thing about ce soir, is that it's one of my best chums birthday today. Each year I have missed celebrating with her, so tonight there's gonna be a lot of making up to do!

Here's to a Happy Fabulous Weekend!
Sunday will be spent with the girls, no doubt gossiping, eating delicious treats and catching up with an old friend who has flown in from Canada. Good times and good company.
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My bump is well and truly starting to show & i'm beginning to have issues of what the heck to wear! I'm major need of a closet over haul, but I'm going to see which bits I can re-style and work into my existing wardrobe and basically layer everything. I seem to be doing okay with leggings but it is getting excruciatingly cold. I managed get my first pair of 'eat all you want (maternity) jeans' yesterday from GAP, let's see if they fall down to my ankles after a couple of wears or not!

My lovely bestie sent this through to me the other day... and yet it couldn't be more appropriate for now!

Anyhow, still no idea what i'll wear tonight, but I will definitely work some red lippy magic & maybe some statement bling!

Top knots and plenty of bling... now that's fabulous!
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 Leather shorts over a pair of tights for winter... that could work! Well..., maybe not for me, but hey...

Chunky plait and sequins... So pretty

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Wishing you a fantastic weekend, wherever you are, whatever you're doing have fun!
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