Wednesday, 31 October 2012


I always seem to find that as soon as winter arrives I delve into my pretty much all black wardrobe of tops, jeans, jumpers, boots... and if it's not black there's a heck of a lot of grey neutrals. Thing is, I absolutely love colour, but it's only the past few years that I've reached for trusty all black and now I'm craving colour again. Here's a kaleidescope of hues on my radar and it's not just the colours but the details, from ruffles, cut, silhouette, textures, prints and embellishment that I'm loving.

So I guess I'm not quite ready to say goodbye to jewel like colour just yet, I just need to incorporate them into my winter wardrobe. Do you have any go-to shades for winter?

Just a quick one to say I hope everyone on the East Coast is alright, I've been following the news and am mortified at all the images/photos that have been captured, it's just awful. Hope you're all safe.

images via Pinterest & Glamourouschiclife.tumblr
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Friday, 26 October 2012


Well, hello loves! Long time, I know & I'm sorry. I have been feeling spectacularly rubbish of late (sorry not gonna elaborate) and I'm only just getting my head around everything else, especially with a big apartment move on the go!

This week I'm getting into the Halloween spirit, since it's a great excuse to work the dark princess look complete with dark berry lips, big jewelled bites of bling and badass heels.  

Will you be getting dressed up this Halloween?
I can't wait to see Heidi Klums outfit this year, I've heard she'll be a molten golden wonder as Cleopatra, complete with major head piece... how exciting! You can see more of her past Halloween looks here.

The dress above left (which I'm totally in love with by the way), is by Cretan designer, Stylianos, who just won the Best New Designer Award at Greece's 12th Athens Xclusive Designers Week!
It looks like I've subconsciously picked out lots of things from Topshop! Ha!
I did actually spot the most amazing fringed sequin flapper dress (Great Gatsby style!) via River Island here, plus lots of other amazing LBD's perfect for the festive soiree.

 If you're all out of ideas, how about some face-painting action? Stylist Magazine have 10 amazing Halloween youtube tutorial videos that will inspire you or freak you out! Still a bit clueless on what to dress up as? Hmmm, how about these Celebrity Halloween Costumes!

 via Pinterest. 

Wishing you all a totally bewitching and magical weekend!
Καλό Σαββατοκύριακο!

Kate Moss image by Mert & Marcus via trendhunter
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Friday, 12 October 2012


via the fantastic nail blog Gorgeois, here's the full link on how to get these 'man-eater' nails! Check out the part 2 bit of the nail shots - there's a full set of vampy teeth beneath the lips! 

Whoop whoop, it's Friday! I for one am kinda relieved actually since it's been one of those slightly exhausting weeks. I am super pleased the weekend is just around the corner! What are you guys all up to? What are your fall reads? I'm looking forward to catching up with my gal pals whom I've missed dearly and make a start on gathering up my summer wardrobe and making the swap.

Stunning Rose photo/painting via

Looking at this piece of work you'd never know it was iconic fashion photographer Nick Knight who captured this. I'm gutted I'll be missing out on his exhibition named 'Flora' (in Mayfair, London), which is something completely unexpected from the guy who has collaborated with the likes of Lady Gaga, Louis Vuitton, Massive Attack & also been know to work on various controversial issues.
From Who What Wear Daily, I couldn't resist but re-post this style stalker page... I mean, come on, who doesn't love Miroslava Duma's awesome style & adore her taste in knock-out pieces of bling?
Who else is on your style radar right now? Please do share some new names with me!

The closer it gets to Christmas (The December Issues) the more I get excited about the covers and the jam-packed content. I always get the Vogue UK December issue, as there's usually an epic photo-shoot involving Tim Walker and a front cover to die for.
Right now,  I'm in love with these beautiful November covers, especially Salma Hayek's cover for Harper's Bazaar. Totally Smokin' hot!

This is really really random, but the other day I dreamt about having long luscious locks, then I woke up and realised it was all just a dream. Ever since the chop I've missed styling my hair in more versatile ways. The barnet is growing, but I do miss my tresses, especially since it was chilly in London. Anyhoos, for those of you who love a good top knot, here's a super fun video from Refinery 29 on how to make yours just that little bit more awesome! 

Happy weekend folks! 
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Tuesday, 9 October 2012


Hello lovelies! I hope you're all having a beautiful start to the week. I'm back basking in what sunshine and warmth there is left in Greece, since fall and cool winds encroaches at an incredible pace.

I seriously don't know where this past year has gone, except we're in October already! Which means Breast Cancer Awareness month!!! I'm sure I don't have to remind you guys, when I say get yourself checked out! (Info on how to check your girls here!)  A good way of remembering your annual health check appointments is setting them around the time of your birthday, so there's no excuse whatsoever.

I'm not going to go barmy on the subject of Breast Cancer, since most of us are pretty savvy on what it's all about but it would be good to do your bit & support local charities etc.
Anyhow, I'm a sucker for fuchsia, so here are just a few fave pink coloured products that tickled my fancy: (I now, I kinda went heavy on the lips!)
1. Revlon Super Lustrous Lip balm (in Pink Crystal)  - a gorgeous sheer lipgloss in a cute pot that comes with a nifty little brush too!
2. Shu Uemura Rouge unlimited Supreme shine lipstick in Deep Raspberry
3. Origins Make a Difference (Hand cream) & Peace of mind (Peppermint balm for stress - I cannot tell you how this has saved me from many a headache or tension on my neck) which comes on a pink clip, with each purchase $3.50 goes towards The Breast Cancer Resarch Foundation!
4. Benefit Ultra shine lipgloss in Back to the Fuschia.

If you're in the States, check out what other products are supporting the Breast Cancer Awareness Campaign here & if you're in the UK check out Stylist Magazine's picks where some or all of the profits are donated to Breast Cancer charities here.

My pink passion continues....

 Bourganvilla overlooking Santorini via Pinterest

 Pink interiors with a pop. Betsey Johnson's home is just a girlie pink casa, via Elle Decoration UK

Don't tell me you don't recognise these? Barbie's heels!
I only very recently came across Lela Altman's work, isn't this gorgeous? It's untitled but in the Smoke paintings collection.

original quote via here but apparently John Lennon famously quoted this.

Oakely Doakely lovers! Have a top week!
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Friday, 5 October 2012


It's Friday, which often means I'm in need of a mini fashion fix... On my radar this past week is this beautiful bag from Accessorize's Fall collection, pretty much everything they have instore right now is just to die for gorgeous. I just love that it's big enough to chuck the entire bathroom and perhaps kitchen sink inside, chic enough for the office but with an ooh la la cool factor. (Now £30, was £40 and available in fire engine red)

When you've been away from the high street (in the UK) as long as I have, it's real easy to fall in love with just about everything you see.With my magpie vision, I spied this embellished chunky chain collar from topshop.

I also came across these super fun stickies (the Wish-list one) for the Mr. just in case he needs a little help with future birthday/Christmas presents, that kind of thing!!! No need to actually hint anymore, you can just leave those tear sheets out on the coffee table, clearly labelled! via

As it's Friday, I'll leave you with this...

London, I'll miss you terribly when I'm gone, but in the words of Arnie (Terminator 2) (Yes really), 'Hasta la vista baby'. I'm sure it won't be long before I head back to the soggy shores. Image via Pinterest

Have a super fun weekend!
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Tuesday, 2 October 2012


Recreate this look with Estee Lauders 5 colour gelee powder eye shadow palette here
image via amazing beauty/fashion photographer Jeff Tse

My, My, My, what a week it's turning out to be lovelies. After my stay in London had been extended I was close to running out of my mini bottles of beauty essentials, but low & behold, a beauty fairy came to my rescue.

Courtesy of, these little Estee Lauder beauties have now become a firm staple on my bathroom shelf in addition to some of my other Estee Lauder faves (Idealist even skintone Illuminator & Pure Colour Nail Laquer).

Estee Lauder Soft Clean Hydrating Lotion (toner) - yup this is my skin rescue item, since I hadn't quite climatized, my skin has constantly dry and especially with the major turn in the weather here, my skin just got out of control.

I am relieved that I found a product that not only hydrated my skin after cleansing, but left my skin feeling smooth and also removed an old residue on my skin after cleansing. (Don't be shocked to see a bit of grime that you didn't quite manage to get rid of before!) In my 20's I never really bothered with a separate cleanser and toner, I always used a good face wash followed by Clarins Orange One Step Cleanser. It sounds like a really old school beauty routine, but I like using a toner after cleansing, as it brings your skin back to where it should be - balanced & refreshed.
I'm not crazy about heavy scented products for the face, so this was absolutely perfect, something soft and light.

Estee Lauder Double Wear Mineral Rich Loose Powder SPF12

Ok, this is the product I'm going a little gaga over right now, more so than I ever have been with a compact pressed powder, why?
Not only does loose set everything in place, it's a very versatile multi-product. You can mix a little powder with your moisturiser to create tinted moisturiser if you're going for light coverage and low-key base.

I just love the formula of this product, my skin feels super silky and I am stunned to find a shade that actually blends in well with my skin tone. It also provides the perfect flawless cover - not too heavy and gets rid of any shine when applied with a brush - which I prefer over the little sponge it comes with.
Put it this way, this is my magic dust! The properties are a bonus, with the loose powder being mineral based and comes with an spf too.

Note that when you do apply any kind of powder make sure it's not damp or that there's too much moisture otherwise you'll find you will end up with odd, darker, blotchy streaks! 

For those of you who wear foundation, I'd love to know if you finish off with powder (pressed or loose?) to 'set' everything or if you just prefer a classic foundation base. Please share beauty junkies!

Even if you can't get to the infamous department store, products from their luxurious beauty hall are also available online here.

Whilst I'm on a Harrods roll, you have to check out Kim of A Very Sweet Blog's post on 'Harrod's Style to Savour' post for a dose of delectable goodness & super stunning images!

Thank you Harrods!

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