Tuesday, 2 October 2012


Recreate this look with Estee Lauders 5 colour gelee powder eye shadow palette here
image via amazing beauty/fashion photographer Jeff Tse

My, My, My, what a week it's turning out to be lovelies. After my stay in London had been extended I was close to running out of my mini bottles of beauty essentials, but low & behold, a beauty fairy came to my rescue.

Courtesy of Harrods.com, these little Estee Lauder beauties have now become a firm staple on my bathroom shelf in addition to some of my other Estee Lauder faves (Idealist even skintone Illuminator & Pure Colour Nail Laquer).

Estee Lauder Soft Clean Hydrating Lotion (toner) - yup this is my skin rescue item, since I hadn't quite climatized, my skin has constantly dry and especially with the major turn in the weather here, my skin just got out of control.

I am relieved that I found a product that not only hydrated my skin after cleansing, but left my skin feeling smooth and also removed an old residue on my skin after cleansing. (Don't be shocked to see a bit of grime that you didn't quite manage to get rid of before!) In my 20's I never really bothered with a separate cleanser and toner, I always used a good face wash followed by Clarins Orange One Step Cleanser. It sounds like a really old school beauty routine, but I like using a toner after cleansing, as it brings your skin back to where it should be - balanced & refreshed.
I'm not crazy about heavy scented products for the face, so this was absolutely perfect, something soft and light.

Estee Lauder Double Wear Mineral Rich Loose Powder SPF12

Ok, this is the product I'm going a little gaga over right now, more so than I ever have been with a compact pressed powder, why?
Not only does loose set everything in place, it's a very versatile multi-product. You can mix a little powder with your moisturiser to create tinted moisturiser if you're going for light coverage and low-key base.

I just love the formula of this product, my skin feels super silky and I am stunned to find a shade that actually blends in well with my skin tone. It also provides the perfect flawless cover - not too heavy and gets rid of any shine when applied with a brush - which I prefer over the little sponge it comes with.
Put it this way, this is my magic dust! The properties are a bonus, with the loose powder being mineral based and comes with an spf too.

Note that when you do apply any kind of powder make sure it's not damp or that there's too much moisture otherwise you'll find you will end up with odd, darker, blotchy streaks! 

For those of you who wear foundation, I'd love to know if you finish off with powder (pressed or loose?) to 'set' everything or if you just prefer a classic foundation base. Please share beauty junkies!

Even if you can't get to the infamous department store, products from their luxurious beauty hall are also available online here.

Whilst I'm on a Harrods roll, you have to check out Kim of A Very Sweet Blog's post on 'Harrod's Style to Savour' post for a dose of delectable goodness & super stunning images!

Thank you Harrods!

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