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Summer is just around the corner - or so I keep telling myself! We've had a few spells of constant glorious sunshine, which means gals breaking out their open toe sandals... however with feet being kept well hibernated for the past 8 months (- yes that long!) I have seen more than a fair few 'eewwww' situations... as in crusty heels or funky feet that ruin a beautiful pair of shoes kinda moment.

If you haven't been looking after your precious feet & digits, now is the time to get them back into the program with a DIY Pedicure to get them looking amazeballs and perhaps take a good look at your feet to see if they could use a little more care. What do I mean?
I've seen some women with scary looking bunions (and clearly not done anything about it but carry on wearing sky scraper heels) to nail infections but most commonly I've noticed women with flat feet (without them realising) due to wearing ballet flats with thin soles or from constantly living in UGG boots over the years.
Flats that are easy to bend in half are a dead giveaway for zero support, imagine pounding the pavement in those all the time, there's no shock absorption, so your body/nerves get a bashing every time your heels strike hard ground.

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Flat feet cause all sorts of problems later on, starting with poor posture and knee pain, so maybe invest in some orthotic insoles - there are some great ones via ebay like this pair or Scholl's Orthoheel Sports via amazon here.

Making your tootsies dazzle! Home DIY pedicures may not be as extravagant as having one at the spa or salon, but if you invest some lovely slightly pricier nail polish, it could make all the difference! All you really need are some toenail clippers, a nail file, nail scissors, cuticle stick, bowl, pumice stone or foot file, your own scrub mix, a rich moisturiser, cuticle oil and nail polish.
Here's the low-down to a perfect at-home pedicure via Cosmopolitan magazine here.

Because it's Monday... I'm lusting after these hot heels! Can you guess which pair is not by Zara? Scroll down!

1. Multi coloured lace up sandal £69.99 by Zara 
2. Faux suede ankle strap sandals £17.92  on ebay via here 
3. Ankle strap heels £49.99 by Zara 
4. Strappy leather high heel sandals by Zara £49.99

I've had such a lovely start to the week, with an old friend taking time off work to give me some pamper time before I pop. Unfortunately, there's no point me buying heels right now, as my feet have gone up a size in the past week & since I can barely paint my own toenails, I was treated to a luxe pedicure, yay! Next on my list - hair cut!

Hope you all have a brilliant week filled with sparkles and sunshine!
 ♥Kali evdomada
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