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I've never really been the extreme body conscious type, but at 39 weeks I have already started thinking about what my post partum body will look like as there will be some major changes, especially after the miracle of bringing new life into this world. I'm not expecting to bounce back any time soon and since I'm no longer in my twenties, so it could take a while!
Anyway that's fine by me, I'd rather be spending time cuddling up to my wee one regardless of the medias constant articles about celebs snapping back into shape 4 weeks after giving birth - yeah whatever! Besides I'll probably be delirious from sleep deprivation to be functioning properly or worrying about what I look like!

With summer around the corner, I suppose we could all use a little help in the toning and firming up department hence my interest in Firming/toning moisturisers. But do they work? Hmmm, dunno yet, but having had a recce online and reading various reviews, these six are high on my shopping list!
Have you tried any of these and do they work? Or do you have other suggestions? Please share!

1. Nivea Q10 Firming Body Lotion £6.99.            2. Nivea Q10 Rich firming body moisturiser £5.10.     
3. MamaMio Get Waisted Body Shaper £35.        4. Clarins Extra-Firming Body Lotion £40.
5. Soap & Glory Sit Tight Body Serum £16.99.    6. L'Oreal Perfect SLim Gel cream £12

It would be ridiculous to assume that creams, lotions or potions alone will sort your body out, you also need to ensure you're eating healthily (don't even think about immediate postnatal dieting - that is a big no-no!) and doing some gentle exercise, whenever it is safe to. Listen to your doctor, it's usually around 6 weeks post childbirth unless there were complications, but remember that your 'pre-pregnancy hormones, water & blood levels only get back to normal around 12 weeks.'
- Info Source: Babymed.com

Don't underestimate he power of walking. Image via here

I think there's a little self discipline in me to want to get active, fit, strong & energetic and I'm sure long walks combined with breastfeeding (burns calories) & these post pregnancy exercises, my body could bounce back to some sort of normality after 9 months to a year, well here's to hoping anyway!

These exercises were sourced via FitnessMagazine.com here

The kegels exercise is kind of a big one, or so I've heard... your pelvic floor muscles might need some help as they weaken after childbirth... great!
Before working on your abs or belly area, do ensure you get the all clear & don't have diastasis recti - separation of the abdominal muscles (my friend has this), it will take time to heal, but the plank is a good one as it works your transverse abdominis muscles.

Ok..., so maybe none of you reading this are pregnant but still want to get inspired & get fit, or want a bikini body... Check out my old post on Procrastinating; Shaping up for summer (inclusive of cleansing, a 10 min Tracy Anderson work out video & these quick work out tips for 'Beach Body Fast' from Marie Claire mag.

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