Wednesday, 7 April 2010

Kafes me tin Eleni

I'm not usually a morning TV person, but today I had the time to catch up with some bits and bobs after the rush of Easter with the TV on in the background. I was instantly wowed when i flicked on Alpha channel, what a great dress?! This is Eleni Menegaki rocking a rather cool figure hugging contrasted edge bound strapless dress. I have no idea who it's by (a little help here pls) but she looks really good in it! Ok, it's a little risque for morning TV ("Coffee with Eleni"), but most of the female morning TV presenters (in Greece) always show either a bit of leg and lots of cleavage. Eleni however is working her magic in a more cool, classy way. Love it!

Plus her make-up is damn good, my camera phone shot doesn't do much justice but her eye make up is very reminiscent of the 60's Greek actress (whose name has now completely escaped me) and has been applied with precision.

Lashings of mascara - check.
Eyeliner - check
White liner on the inside rims of the eye to make the eyes appear wider - check
Highlighting the inner corner of the eye with white or light coloured shimmer colour -check.
Highlighter/concealer under the eyes - check
Glossy lips - check
Rose tinted blush - check.

Those are the basic steps to looking like a Greek Goddess - Eleni, you rock!

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