Thursday, 22 April 2010

Random Reminiscing: La Cambodge

Last night i was getting my daily fix over at Brooklyn Limestone, her recent visit to S.E Asia & post got me in a 'aaah, remember those days when....' moment. That and also how far digital cameras have come along! The quality of these pictures would have been way better had there been the existence of 3mega pixels back then! Ha ha!

I'm suppposed to be doing something else right now, so i shall begin my day with a fair bit of procrastination!!!

I remember my travelling days like it was yesterday, but of course it was a million moons ago. My experience in Cambodia was amazing and interesting and overwhelming too. If you ever go to the 'Killing Fields' or 'S-21 prison camp' you'll know what i mean. Cambodia is a real anchor for tourism especially the temples - Angkor Wat being the daddy of them all - my friends did a 3 day tour and hired our own tuk tuk (little motorized rickshaw) from our Guest House manager (don't get me started on Mr. Lee-he was hilarious!) so we got him to pick us up at some obscene hour - 4.30am i think it was, to see the sunrise at Angkor Wat on one day - see piccie (above) it was well worth it!

Anyhow, that one day was the best day ever, my friends and i ran into another load of Aussie friends (drive by tuk tuk moment)who we'd met in Vietnam and also the mother of all highlights has to be running into Mick Jagger at Ta Prohm (famous for Angelina's kick ass scenes in Tomb Raider movie). "I Die" - I mean holy banana's of all people you just don't randomly run into Rock Stars (and i luuurve the Rolling Stones). Sir Mick was lovely, but declined a photo opp with me of course due to the fact the temple was going to be packed with other tourists in a nano second - i'd caught him in a little nook with his personal bodyguard (dressed in black and ready to kill), his agent and a tour guide. I have to admit he was dressed like a lady-boy in yellow/orange sari covering up his face - but i know that swagger and those lips from anywhere!
What a day....that and the fact that it was of course el scorchio!

Ta Prohm - with it's oversized tree roots - i was totally wee size compared to them!
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