Saturday, 10 April 2010

Wardrobe wish list

I seriously need some newness in my wardrobe - I could so easily take to my sewing machine, but other things are keeping me busy... maybe i'll experiment with some DIY fashion another time... For now, these are looking a bit lush for those super sunny days, especially this one shoulder dress from Oasis (£100) below...

The other thing I was thinking was how certain fashion trends have once again come around - military chic just never gets boring does it? There's an insane amount of khaki on the high street, best dig out those khaki peg leg turn ups from Gap circa 2002 then...
Must say that i do love how Zara has managed to make this trend look good though and Topshop's khaki jacket... yum.

Zara goes all Khaki

Topshops Cropped denim jacket - perfect for chilly-ish evenings

Topshops abstract floral smock dress a bargain at £35 and looks uber hot
with crop denim jacket above - £40

Topshops nude broderie cup dress - £35

Topshops super cool styling as usual

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