Tuesday, 27 April 2010

Life is Beautiful

Kalimera & good morning folks!

I can barely see as i'm typing this as my eyes are like golfballs this morning thanks to Spring allergies... crikey! This week (and it's only Tuesday) has been an interesting week already and i feel like I'm slowly gathering a Greek fashionista blog community which is so lovely. The transition of moving from one country to another where you barely know the language or anyone at all was kinda scary at first but i'm getting there a year and a bit down the line!

Anyhoos, i just want to put it out there that I appreciate anyone visiting this blog, which is simply a little place for me to put my wish-lists, favourite things and inspiration in a very wide context for your viewing pleasure & mine as a matter of fact! I forget easily & at times I can be a complete muppet on the mac - i once deleted all my bookmarks when i uploaded a new version of Firefox - that's just plain silly right?!

This morning I wanted to share this print with you, via the amazing Blah Blah Blahg whose blog is filled with cuteness (see Monday's post), crafts, design & free downloads if you love your prints/graphics like i do! The creative Miss B is behind the blog is also creator of The Bright Side Project where you can check out anything style, decor, design related. Get your freebie print now & frame it on your wall!

Huge Thanks for stopping by!
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