Sunday, 28 August 2011

New York, I Love You! Stay Safe East Coasters!

Times Square on Saturday night, via LA Times

I've only ever been to New York once, and in those four memorable days, I fell head over heels with love with New York City. I remember the buzz of Manhattan, the amazing diversity, the food, the fashion, the smells, sticking my head out of a yellow cab and seeing the stunning skyline, the bright city lights, giant billboards, people casually playing chess in Washington Square Park... ah, the memories.
I know the East coast has been hit hard (the news and the images pretty hard to digest), but my thoughts are with you all, I'm just hoping and praying that you are all safe!

Here are just some of the stunning photos I came across of New York, a deserted ghost town. It's so eerie seeing New York like this...

Panorama short of Manhattan with Hurrican Irene on the way
Brooklyn bridge almost deserted, via Huffington Post (AP photos)

Lower Manhattan via Huffington Post (AP photos)

34th Street by Damon Scheleur, Huffington Post

Grand Central Station Terminal, deserted, all but the 2 guys
via AP Photos

NB: All images have been edited slightly by me!
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