Friday, 26 August 2011

Simple, Sexy Chic: Kate Beckinsale & Sienna Miller

Who knew that a simple shirt/blouse, sexy hair and simple bra & boy shorts underwear could look so smokin' hot? I haven't seen many editorials featuring Kate Beckinsale, this is actually a shoot from 2008 for Mean Magazine, but I have to say, WOW.

One of my all time favourite looks (similar to this Mean Mag shoot) has be Sienna Miller's character, Nikki from "Alfie". Aside from the jaw-dropping 60's wardrobe, it's the combination of bare skin & pale lips teamed with lashings of black kohl, falsies, choppy fringe and thick wavy hair in a half up do which just kinda blows you away.
Photos after the Kate Beckinsale shoot.

Even though Photoshop might have had a heavy hand in this photoshoot, I do love this profile shot of Kate, she looks beautiful here.

Sienna Miller's character Nikki in Alfie

See what I mean? Sienna just oozes gorgeousness in this movie, (although I think the original 1960's version of Alfie with Michael Caine is way more brilliant).

The hair half up half down is an easy look to create and works with both straight or wavy hair.
  • Separate a little bit of hair from the front & tease the hair underneath, near the crown using a fine tooth comb and a healthy dose of hairspray (if you want extra staying power).
  • Pull & smooth the front top bits over the teased area and twist the back part & secure with kirby grips (bobby pins). Et Voila!

Sienna wearing Jude Law's pink shirt (by Osward Boateng)
There's something undeniably sexy about wearing a guys dress shirt and not much else, no?

Lookin' groovy baby!

Aww, I loved the Jude & Sienna years, she dressed so much better & more free spirited then.

For full shoot of Kate Beckinsale click here
Alfie Movie screenshots via here

Wishing you all an amazoid weekend!

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