Monday, 1 August 2011

Zzzzooming into August: High days & Holidays

I hope you've all had a terrific weekend! Am already wishing the weekends were just a wee bit longer. We're into a new month, just how is it that we're in August already???

This gorgeous image summarizes how I'm feeling today. Anyhoos, Happy Monday!
(Currently plagued by insomnia)

Photography by Serge Leblon For Harper's Bazaar Russia 2011
So loving this Belgian photographer's work.
via trendhunter

August is the month for holidays here in Greece, only i'm still working... :(
I guess I want to leave you all a little something from my little Fiesta of Happiness book by David Baird.

High Days & Holidays

"Happiness comes and goes
We all have periods of gloom.
When we wonder whether the good times will ever return.
Why do we limit our capacity for fun to just a few short seasons?
Why not instead make everyday a holiday and revel in living.
Celebrate your friends and the happiness they bring into your life.
Celebrate being a giving person.
Apply yourself to work that you enjoy and everyday can seem like a holiday.
But beware, none of us could stand a lifetime of unbroken ecstacy.
There will be downs, but with so much to look forward to.
We can learn to manage them a little better."

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