Friday, 14 October 2011

Fabulous Frock Friday! Scarlet Hues

Blown away by this fabulous dress and shot by Grazia Germany, Sept 11 via here

It's Friday and I can't help but feel like I've had a rather productive week, crossing things off my list despite the current strikes in Greece. I also had the chance to indulge in sampling some new chocolates made at the M.I.L's shop. I swear that in another life I'd be a Chocolatier, can you imagine doing this for a living or having a shop devoted just to chocolates? Yum! See a snap shared here.
There's no rest for the wicked as always, my working day doesn't end on Friday, but anyhoos, today is another fabulous sunny day in Athens. Ever the optimist, me.
How about you lovelies, how was your week and what will you be doing this weekend?

Random shot via Pinterest

The beautiful Daria W for Vogue US by Mert & Marcus via here

Amber Heard in stunning shoot by the awesome Guy Aroch. To see the rest of the shoot go here

Busy Being Fabulous! Via Pinterest

Have a fun weekend!
p.s Welcome new readers! Hugs and sunshine to you!
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