Sunday, 2 October 2011

When the wind blows, it's time for a change

I've finally said goodbye to summer and a big hello to October's moodier, shorter days. I'm not sure I welcome the chillier mornings but I guess that's a great excuse to cosy up in chunky knits. My desire to layer up & wear something long-sleeved is long overdue!

I also wanted to thank you all; readers, serendipitous visitors, (invisible) followers & commenters alike for your love & supporting my little blog. You guys rock! I'm so sorry I've been 'bad blogger' this week! I will be with you shortly...
Anyhoos, some of you may have noticed a few changes on this blog, that's right, I'm always up for a change and a challenge. I say challenge because my knowledge of html is frighteningly couci-couça, but I'm learning and since editing the template there have been some technical issues, so please do bear with me darlings. I'm not quite finished yet, I think it's going to be a bit of trial & error and perhaps a bit of arduous process and I realise that the horizontal tabs bar is also missing, but I'm on it!

If I'm going to deep with blogging, I might as well say that in essence, I love how our blogs/blogging is like a gateway or even portal into our lives. A sneak peak of who we are, what we love, sharing (ideas, inspiration, dreams, fears, opinions), connecting, learning, life...
I have so many blogs I follow for a slice of something I want to indulge in, posts I've read that have either made me laugh so uncontrollably I want to quote the below image, cry (yes, that has happened once or twice), smile, gumption to declare that procrastination about doing something or other is O-V-E-R, bake like a madman, opened my eyes, taught me something useful and links that have made me stalk pinterest for a good hour or two.
Besides, who knew that reading comments could make one so darn happy?

Most of all, I am stunningly amazed that even during my stop starts in blogging, the connections and blogger buddies I've made have endured and I thank you all for being a part of A Brit Greek.

So lovelies, wishing you all a fantastically fabulous October and sending you all big squeezy hugs and sloppy kisses. Καλό μήνα!


Images via: Anja Rubik in Bal Masque Vogue Paris Oct 10, Harper's Bazaar & Pinterest - edited with quote.
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