Thursday, 27 October 2011

Snaps from AXDW ft. Stelios Koudounaris, Erotokritos & Conquistador

Last Saturday I was pretty darn excited, you see I had the opportunity to attend the 10th Athens Xclusive Designer Week (AXDW)... Who wouldn't be excited to see what crazy-awesome talent in Greece has to offer?
Believe it or not I have managed to miss pretty much every season of shows since residing in Greece mainly due to being out of the country... Well this time I made sure I stayed put.

Anyhoos, dashing from work to home to get frocked up, I made it to last 3 shows of the day. But I was cutting it fine for the Conquistador show... Bless the AXDW dude, Aris for sneaking me in through a side door! This show was incredibly packed... and oooh, it was hot too! As in there were hot men a plenty in the most slammin' clothes ever! Designer Tassos Sofriniou created such a gorgeous, masculine contemporary collection with a sexy modern twist playing with plenty of attention to detail.

A bit of eye candy for your Thursday!
Conquistador by Tassos Sofriniou, image via Studio Panoulis

Sadly I didn't capture many snaps from this show, but Thalia from Life in Athens went backstage - lucky girl! See highlighted link for more deets.

Now for Stelios Koudounaris ( Στέλιος Κουδουνάρης)... He has an unshakeable reputation for creating the most gorgeous collections and is the one show everybody wants to go see. I'm also pretty sure that this designers work is the one which most women fantasize about too. (He also does Menswear too)
I luuurved his collection entitled 'Entropia'... The elements of constricting the female form with the slightly harder edged body harnesses and the non constricted elements of soft fluid lines and floaty hems... yes please! Need I say more about the Jeffrey Campbell shoes? Yummers!

Totally Taupe!

Really love the cutout black cuffs too!
The final show on the first day of AXDW was Paris based designer, Erotokritos - whose work I have loved ever since I landed on Greek soil.
Erotokritos presented a super fun, girly and commercial collection (- for menswear check out the report/images here by Patricia Munster) with a gorgefest of juxtaposed colours & prints that made me smile and sigh. This collection boasted short hemlines, cute knits, flippy skirts & a slight nod in the direction to marc by Marc Jacobs. For high summer, look no further... Mix and match with what you already have in your closet girls!

If you feel compelled to check out the rest of the talent from Athens Xclusive Designer Week, please check out the round-ups by Alessia of Smells Like Fashion, Joan of Ordinary Pulse & Lopi from Fashion Architect.

We're now rolling into the 14th Athens Fashion Week... I know it's confusing there are 2 kinds of fashion Weeks... Have a fantastic mid-week... It's almost the weekend!

All images by me except the for the sources stated.
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