Monday, 24 October 2011

Finding Beauty

Happy Monday guys! How was your weekend?
I had the lovely opportunity of running into some friendly faces at the first day of the Athens Xclusive Designer Week (AXDW), which commenced Saturday. The events for the first day resulted in an incredible turn out & jam-packed shows for both Conquistador by Tassos Sofroniou, Stelios Koudounaris & Erotokritos that I almost got squashed on numerous occasions exiting the show! (Think tinned sardines!) I had such an amazing time and ended up drooling at the gorgeous summer pieces from various shows. More about them soon!

A huge thanks to Penelope of Fashion Architect & Elena of Life Full of Fashion for introducing me to the amazing photographer Giorgio of Bontonist... Seriously check out his beautiful off guard shots of the fabulous fashion crew.
For a Monday I couldn't be more random, but I was thinking about how awkward I was at having my photos taken on Saturday... Ugh, I'm not very good at being in front of the camera and usually have this thing about hating every photo taken of me, especially during a phase when I was in my early teens.
Most photos that are taken of me are usually ones of me pulling a silly face... I make 'fridge' fugly picture look good. Most of the time I'm totally happy about the way I look & feel & some days I'm not so accepting... But what I ought to remember is that not only is beauty from within, being a beautiful kind of person is more important.
So today, I'm all about finding beauty... Loving these shots...

Various images via Weheartit, Pinterest, FashionGoneRogue & Rollerdustjacketattic

Wishing you all a smashing Week!
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