Friday, 14 September 2012


Two of my fave necklaces du jour, an old Accessorize chain with snake head and vintage looking glass sparkles via Zara.

Bonjour loves! As you may have gathered via Twitter I've crossed the pond and am currently enjoying a bit of time out with family and friends back in London.
I'm super excited about my friends wedding tomorrow and am seriously looking forward to going to the fun fair tonight too! I'll just make sure I don't eat too much before I go on the rides! ;)

I've had a busy couple of days since arriving and there's nothing like a warm welcome back than an awesome dinner party hosted by close friends. I had such a blast and I always love raiding my friends wardrobes when I get back and eyeing up the newness... I am just loving this leather peplum top with zip down the back, teamed with navy skinnies and wait for it... a pair of leopard print Louboutins!
There's only one gal whose shoe closet is more enviable than Kim Kardashian's and that's my gal J - former Shoe Buyer for Tophop from the "I Want This Job" series. I must do a part deux with her since she has moved on up big time, now in the role of Accessories, Jewellery and Footwear Buyer! She also gets to work with a fashion legend too, but I won't spill the beans just yet! 

 Mmmm, yummy, bruschetta...
So many beautiful photographs and framed images fill the home, but I found one wall and this particular frame that I fell in love with. I really do have a soft spot for butterflies... I just love the colours and their beauty.

During the day the Mr. & I went for a long walk with my folks to Richmond Park, the largest of 8 Royal Parks, this little snippet is from Pembroke Lodge. We also got to see plenty of deer running wild or just chilling by the roads, hence the super slow speed limit. I miss this place dearly as I remember dragging my sledge out during winter and sliding down the slopes like a crazy kid.
 Mr. Squirrel saying hello!
Sundown at the lock over the River Thames... gorgeous isn't it?

I hope you've all had a good working week, now enjoy the weekend darlings & London Fashion Week!
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