Wednesday, 26 September 2012


If anything I'm going to sound like a true Brit and have a mini whinge about the weather we're having. It's totally unpredictable. The past week has been nothing short of sporadic wetness, coldness and sometimes sunny moments - although those are mostly eclipsed by the greyness!

I've also been caught off guard with a stinky cold and now cough, but it's nothing a hot toddy 2 nights in a row won't sort out. (For realz!) I had trouble sleeping for the whole weekend and thought I'd go nuts with sleep deprivation from all the coughing. Also, I've noticed my skin cry for extra moisturizing attention too, so thank God for Argan oil and Cocoa Butter...
Ok, I ought to stop going anti-weather and embrace how fun it can be to layer up for the crazy weather, but first a few random shots that I love...and maybe a cuppa Earl Grey and some chocolate digestives.

 Keeping sane on the soggy shores of Britain - Someone with a sense of humour!
 Keeping it stylish! (above images via Pinterest)
(Image below via
 Keeping it bright and happy...
(via Gina Melvin on Pinterest)
 Cheeky brollies! via Pinterest
Contrast piped mac - George - £25 
Doctor Sarah stag bag - £45 - Accessorize  - I will also mention here that the new fall collection of bags are to die for at Accessorize, so many gorgeous pieces to drool over here!

What's your rainy day style saviour? For braving the wet and cold, I have a really really old Topshop parka for winter months and also a light weight one for spring in a different colour. If I'm going somewhere more formal I'll definitely opt for a smart mac, it's the best cover up and will hide a multitude of sins, especially if you're on a school run and had something spill down your top/bottoms. 
Anyhoos, I have major issues with weather situations that are simply wet and cold. I swear in an alternative universe I'm a wee kitty cat...;)
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