Saturday, 29 September 2012


Tomorrow marks a very important date in the Chinese calender, as we celebrate The Mid-Autumn Festival, aka Moon Festival. You'll notice tomorrow evening the moon will be at it's brightest and fullest!
On this day, many families, friends get together and have a major food fest, which in my opinion is one of my favourite times of the year after Chinese New Year & the Greek Easter & Christmas!
I rarely see people carry pretty paper lanterns out on the street uner the moonlight anymore, but maybe that's a tradition best seen in Hong Kong, China or even Vietnam.

For now, I am grateful to be with family and friends this weekend in London, perhaps the weather will be kind too! Enjoy this gorgeous editorial of Chinese Actress Li Bing Bing in Vogue China's October issue.
don't you just love that first shot?

 Red is a very significant colour in the Chinese culture, symbolizing luck. 
Full shoot via here

Here's the low-down on the Chinese Mid-Autumn Festival via Pinterest
The main reason why this celebration tops most annual celebrations - the desserts!!!
The traditional mooncake (below) is the asian dessert to try, although it does require an acquired taste as there's a preserved savoury duck egg yolk inside each cake. I don't think everyone loves the lotus paste or red-bean filling, but I love them, it's a lovely little sweet delicacy.
This one below is a Snow skin mooncakes (aka Ice skin mooncakes) made with glutinous rice on the outside & powdered sugar. This mixture creates a very smooth, velvety texture similar to Japanese mochi, and filled with anything from lotus pasteor even sweet black sesame seed paste - one of my faves!
So loves, what will you be up to? Anything good planned?
Images of mooncakes via Vancouver Observer

Before I sign off, I really wanted to share a lol post by Garance Dore, I don't often read what she has to say, but this post really surprised me especially the Tweeting anecdotes. She has a wonderful sense of humour this one!
Right then, off you go, to infinity & beyond this weekend! Have a good one! Καλό Σαββατοκύριακο!
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