Friday, 7 September 2012


Daeja Fallas surf shoot via Blog Free People

This weekend... 
Fantasizing about chilling out, the idea of sneaking a last weekend by the sea would be simply divine. It would mean immersing myself in The Great Gatsby again which I started reading a few weeks ago.

I'm constantly amazed at what technology has to offer, but seriously, it's 2012 and what, still no automatic fold button? I hate doing the laundry plus I need to getting packing for a wedding weekend in England next week! So very excited!
I haven't been wearing much make-up over the summer, just a touch of smudged eyeliner (from my eyeshadow pot), concealer where needed and lipgloss, but it's high time I did my ritual of cleaning my make up brushes! Keep 'em free from bacteria loves, plus they'll last longer if you look after them! Found some brilliant tips from The Beauty Department here. I tend to use an anti bacterial soap but find that shampoo keeps the bristles and condition in much better shape.

If I get a chance you'll find me oogling over live streaming of NYFW via here Alternatively, Grazia magazine has live streaming catwalk shows via this video link here.

I just love this photo, it's sheer joy! I could look at this again and again. Made me chuckle too. via

Have a wonderful weekend lovelies!
Καλό Σαββατοκύριακο!
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