Saturday, 12 June 2010

Copy Cat Cake: Chanel Ligne Cambon bag

I sometimes get commissioned to do fun & creative things... this is one of them!

I ended up finding some nice black ribbon to replace the flimsy, silvery thing for the birthday tag

Chanel Ligne Cambon Bag via

I originally wanted to make the Chanel 2.55 bag, but being self taught, it was important to get a feel of cake decorating first. I found the Ligne Cambon bag on Polyvore and it looked a littler easier to make... (What was i thinking???)

When i got asked if i could make this, I was dead excited, i mean Cake - Yum!!! Chanel - Yummier!!! What's not to love right?
This is the 3rd time I've made this Chanel Cambon cake, and each time it looks better than the last. It was really difficult making this cake, especially in the heat... the gumpaste/fondant just kept getting soft & sticky!

It's also my first time painting with black - it is soooo messy and difficult! I had to be quick making the quilting effect too. Everything stuck to all the surfaces in the heat too... but alas I got there in the end. Wish they supplied ready-made black fondant here...

Another fun little cake I made today was one for the summer!

What do you think guys? Likey?
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