Sunday, 27 June 2010

Procrastinating; Shaping up for summer

image via Vogue, Hellas

By now some of you will have hit the beach at some point & flaunted your sizzling hot bikini bod.
I don't know if I'm the only one admitting this, but all those honed & toned bikini bodies & articles on Bikini Boot-Camp i've been seeing in all the glossies lately are kinda subconsciously screaming silently at me to get my ass in gear to get fit & healthy. Whilst i'm totally comfortable with the way I am, there's always room for self-improvement.
Oh and there's that great shot of Jennifer Aniston flying around on set of her new movie, 'Just go with it', her legs... arms... everything just looks really toned. Is it me or does this woman look better with age? She's as radiant as ever!

I've been telling myself I really ought to join a Yoga class here, although I'm struggling to find a Bikram workshop or join a gym (which really isn't my thing) but seriously, I've been procrastinating for... ooooh maybe a year and a half now and have done nothing, zip, diddly squat about it. The over-indulgence of ice-cream isn't helping either.

Serpentine Boating Lake, Hyde Park
via LondonTown

I used to love running in Hyde Park (great for people watching whilst being in the zone) or running around town, but in Athens, you just can't do that - pavements aren't made for walking let alone running (i'd wipeout in 5 seconds), the ridiculous scale of hills, i'd probably die running up one or trip & fall flat on my face running down one. A friend of mine who doesn't take to doing any kinda exercise at all, once told me, "the only time you ever run, is for the bus/train on the way to work or away from someone really bloody scary"... ok, then.

Right now, I just want to feel fitter (less sluggish and tired), aspire to be more active, maintain strength and vitality (so much more important than just looking good, but it sure is a bonus) and stop eating so late all the time- this is one thing I didn't get used to when i moved here. Dinner can be anything around 10pm-midnight... which results in me eating at least 5 times a day.

Deliciously Organised recently posted about cleansing, which is brilliant if you increase energy, clear your skin and basically rid your body of toxins.

So what's on the agenda for me? Organise the fridge so it looks a bit more like this for starters!!!

image via

Whilst I do actually eat healthily, cook everything from scratch - even hummus! My fridge is jam packed with the green stuff (plus a tub of feta - the size of my head and a huge watermelon) it's just not organised in a fashion that is appealing. I'm going try & pre-chop and organise meals so they're ready to go on a daily basis to save time. I'm one of those people who need variety everyday, so thinking ahead is necessary.

Ok, Work-out vids are a little cheesy i know..., but I'm going to share this Tracy Anderson Workout for Adidas (Gwyneth Paltrow's work out guru) with you. Its only 10 mins long, pretty easy going and you can build on the moves by increasing the reps.

For those of you who want to incorporate other kinds of exercise regime, check out this Bikini Body Quick workout tips by Marie Claire.

So ladies, what are you doing to shape up for summer? Or are you procrastinating like me!?

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