Tuesday, 29 June 2010

Superstitious minds: Mati, Evil Eye

I saw this image a while back on 'Because I'm addicted', I love it - isn't M.I.A smokin' gorgeous? Loving the pink lips, which reminds me I must dig out my hot pink MAC lippy 'Girl about Town' and show some fuchsia love. The headgear is pretty incredible right? Have you heard about the curse of The 'Evil Eye'?

In Greece (as this varies from country to country), this is a glance believed to have the ability to harm those on whom it falls, can come from anyone at any moment, or you can draw it to yourself. The cause can be zealous admiration, envy or even malevolent jealousy. Freeeeaky!

So, the funny thing is (or not), I've often suffered from really bad headaches usually after being out & about. Migraines are bad, but this was different, no amount of painkillers or ibuprofen helped. These headaches were seriously heavy and made me feel nauseous... ugh! Anyhow, it turns out I was given the 'Evil Eye' aka & 'Shiva Eye'. Lucky for me I had someone recite some prayers for me and a short while later I felt heaps better. Call me superstitious, but I wear a lucky charm religiously now (above) and weirdly enough, no more headaches! Here are some other protective charms I found on the net.

Hamsa Hand & Evil Eye charm Necklace by Vanessa Kandiyoti
via Net-a-Porter
Hamsa Hand Gold bracelet by Vanessa Kandiyoti
via Net-a-Porter

Mati, Evil Eye charm ring by Elena Syraka, Kolonaki, Athens
via Ethosjewel.com

Evil Eye ring by Kara Ross for Tory Burch
via Vogue

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