Thursday, 22 September 2011

Fabulous Thursdays: Fashion, Favicon & Frocks

Fashion Week has a rather unhealthy habit of making me gasp, sigh and dream about lustworthy pieces I'd like to add to my wardrobe, well that and hit the shops in a big way (but thank God for self control & not have the urge to be so frivolous).
I don't usually post Fashion Week snaps, but this Gucci dress got my attention, me wants it so very badly! Hello fringing, hello sparkles! The entire collection was filled with beautiful pieces that made me love Frida Giannini even more.

Natasha Poly rocking the dress I can see myself bopping away on the dance floor, martini in hand of course!
Spotted these pebble heeled beauties via StreetPeeper

This is me, in another life, biker style jacket, check, flowing printed maxi skirt, check & plain white T, check. Such a gorgeous shot, no?

I love this metallic shirt! Ok, it's a little bit too coppery for my liking but still it's freakin' awesome, plus I would never get bored of styling this number.

So how's your week going lovelies? Beside me having a constant battle with Firefox crashing and losing half my work every 10-15 minutes (why, oh why?), it's been good this side of town. Athens is currently experiencing an early Autumnal vibe, we had rain the other day and it's a little cool today. Come back sun!

Some of you may have also noticed the little StumbleUpon icon at the end of each post, this is something I picked up from the IFB conference, since i'm not on Facebook/Twitter, this is a great way of sharing posts/blogs/photos etc you like, so sign up peeps. I'm still learning the joys of stumbling, and have discovered so many cool new blogs.

Something else I've managed to do as start to a blog overhaul, (if Firefox will allow it, but I think it's gonna take some time) is add a favicon icon - some of you already have it and some of you are probably wondering what heck this is. Well it's my website/blog icon in the address bar. I had no idea what this icon was called or how to do it at first, I just knew it looked good on everyone elses blog/site plus I wanted to personalise my blog a little more. If you want to know how to get one/create one i'll do a post on it next time. Let me know!

Ciao for now kittens!
p.s New Readers/commenters/followers - big hi to you!

Last 2 images via the Fab Tommy Ton for
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