Thursday, 29 September 2011

Up, Up and Away: Pan Am the next Mad Men hit?

I've been hearing about the new 60's period show Pan Am for quite some time now and wish it would screen in over here some time soon since it's Pilot launch a few days ago. Did anyone watch it and was it any good? I know it's coming out in the UK on BBC2 soonish...

I'm excited for Christina Ricci who kinda disappeared for a bit after 2008 and sure hope she comes back with a bang on this show. Here's the full scoop on what she had to say about her role in Pan Am for Huffington Post.

There's something about a flight attendants uniform that just rocks. Do you remember the scene where Leonardo DiCaprio was at the airport with six Pan Am Flight Attendants in tow? That film offered such a glamourous take in airline travel amongst other things. But seriously, can you imagine the shenanigans that go on at an altitude of thirty something thousand feet?

If you live around West Hollywood, you may have spotted these bus shelter installments, via here for the full snaps! What a brilliant marketing idea!

When Pan Am ruled the skies back in the 60's until it ceased operations in 1991, the stewardess outfit represented the ultimate peak of chic, the uniform was pretty iconic as was the cool retro bag.
When I Googled 'Pan Am Outfits' I did giggle at the fact that the net was in abundance of Pan Am uniforms for Halloween. If you really must don a modernized version, how about Britney's take on the uniform from 'Toxic'? LOL!

via Daily Mail UK
Christina Ricci plays Maggie, a rebellious character. Kinda loving the outfit on the left!

Welcome back!
Christina for Manhattan Magazine Oct 2011 via here

I'd love to hear your thoughts on Pan Am if you watched it!
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