Thursday, 1 September 2011

Roll On September! Fashion, Fun & Fabulousness!

Make a wish guys!
Numero shoot by Sean & Seng fet. Caroline Brasch Nielsen, via here

September has arrived! I feel like I outta throw a cocktail party on the terrace just because the sun is still shining and summer isn't O-V-E-R yet, y'know?

image via Lovesmisery

Back in London, I know that Autumn has clearly made it's sultry appearance, it's also the time for kids to prep for Back-to-school, or for some us, getting virtuous all over again with re-invention, organising our closets, getting a new haircut, stocking up the fridge with healthy foods, signing up to a gym, eyeballing the sample sale sites & scoring some new stylish pieces for workwear or even working out your outfits for the front gates (if you're a yummy mummy in the UK or going to Fashion Week).

via here

It's been an indecently long time since I kick-started September with a bang, I blame procrastination, but I'm going to start running again, coz it gives me an adrenaline buzz like no other. My friends will beg to differ, 'Why run? The only time when you need to run is for the bus, train or when you're late for work!' Anyhow, the evenings will get a lot cooler in the upcoming weeks, so at least I won't melt.

Dazed & Confused In Bloom shoot by Viviane Sassen, styled by Katie Shillingford

What about you, what are you feeling?

I'm also giddy excitment about the possibility of the McQueen Savage Beauty Exhibition coming to London too, see full article here. That in itself is enough to make me buy a return ticket home in a jiffy. Hoorah we almost have lift off!

New readers, commenters and silent (invisible) followers, thank you to you guys for popping over and listen my incessant love of random things. You are my Ray of Light in blogosphere!

Taken in Milford Sounds, NZ

I guess I'll leave you with my longtime fave style obsession, Taylor Tomasi-Hill styling another Marie Claire (US) editor, Amanda Hearst... seriously, if you've ever wondered how this woman makes fashion (and next season's picks) look good, check out the video below! She whips up a gazillion looks in no time!

Taylor's Take: Taylor Tomasi Hill Styles Amanda Hearst in Her Fall Must-Haves for Barneys New York from Barneys The Window on Vimeo.

That's all folks!
image of Taylor via here

Have a fantastic September!
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