Friday, 10 September 2010

Beautylicious videos: How To...

Yes, it's another series of beautylicious videos, only this time I hope they're working and don't take too long to load, eek. With 2 of my dearest friends getting hitched next month, and me being assigned extra curricular Maid of Honour duties involving hair & make-up, I've been checking out some super cool beauty vids to make sure I have I haven't missed a trick.

It's one thing doing make-up on yourself, but doing make-up on someone else is a totally different experience. I've done make-up on both chums before and experimented a fair bit already, but wedding make-up requires quite a bit more attention. These are some of the cool beauty vids I checked out in my recce...

My fave being the Kim Kardashian ones, because you get to watch her make-up artist transform her from being normal gorgeous to super wow! It's not exactly wedding make up appropriate, it's more of "so this is what Kim looks like sans make up" video and "so this is how they do it"!
Oh and a brilliant video showing you how to get cheekbones to die for, aka 'Contouring'. Enjoy!

How-To get the perfect base, by Look Beauty Editor Sophie Beresiner - this is something that everyone should get right.

Get Kate Moss Cheekbones: Contouring by Look Beauty Editor Sophie Beresiner

This video is brilliant for accentuating and defining your cheekbone area and a fantastic follow up to the first video.

Kim Kardashian herself & make up artist show us how to get the Smoky Eye look, with Stephen Moleski
Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

Lastly, Part 4, et voila!

via Youtube

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Have a Fantastic weekend lovelies!
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