Monday, 6 September 2010

Lusting after...

This oversized knit cardi in a really big way.

There's something about this ad campaign that I love, slouchy knee boots, woolly sheepskin mix bag, awesome belt... or perhaps it's the fact that she can get away with looking Über cool in hotpants and not feel the cold at.all?

I love this twist lock box bag by Marni and the LV's yumtastic Doctors bag below... I'd buy it, like tomorrow if I had a cool 2 point something K hanging about.

Last but not least, who's brave enough to rock this skin-tight little number? Grrrrrrr!

Ok, not moi! By £30

I know in one of my previous posts, when asked how I really feel about cat print romper by Fashion Butter I admitted to loving anything cat print/leopard print... but this, this requires boldness and a super hot bod!

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