Monday, 20 September 2010

Nailing it!

I'm having a nail envy moment, wishing that mine looked more like these (below), I'm dazzled by the cool colours and contrasts! With Autumn/Winter around the corner, muted neutral shades are oh so chic for the day, but I want to show off bejewelled colours for a wild weekend or evening!

via Marie Claire, Greece
I'm getting giddy all over just thinking about teaming these 2 colours together
or even Purple with teal tips!
YSL Manucure Couture £24 or 32.35 euros

Or even:
I love a manicure with a bold twist, something I have loved ever since I saw nail hero, Sharon Stone aka Ginger Mckenna in Scorsese's Casino donning a cool mani with blood red tips!

Barry M is launching a new collection 'Instant nail effect' at the end of September, great timing as I shall be back in London around then! Woo hoo!
I know it looks like normal black polish, but once you apply it over another shade it starts to crack slightly, showing the shade underneath. From £3.95 ref: Grazia
Barry M

Another neat little trick that has this kind of effect is using a plain solid colour polish followed by a layer of chunky glitter polish in a bold contrast colour with a clear base, this will show specks of the colour underneath too.

Both Essie & Nails Inc have created very similar and delicious collections for Autumn/Winter, with shades of mulberry, pewtery green, browns and khaki's.
For the Essie range see here and for Nails Inc here.
£22.50 via Nails Inc

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