Monday, 18 June 2012

Because it's Monday...

I need me some fierce bling to brighten up my Mondays. Aurelie Bidermann Lips Choker, evil eye charm necklace via The Man Repeller

Welcome to the week loves! I'm not much of a Monday lover since the weekend feels like it flies by far too quickly, but today is a bit of an exception. So far I've had amazing news that a blogger bud has gotten engaged, one of my BFF's is about to pop, yet she's already 3 days late - I think he just wants an audience! Hopefully it won't be a Carrie situation (when Miranda's water broke all over Carrie's brand new Louboutins!) & also I'll be jetting off to London tomorrow, yay! 

Yep, I'm off to yet another wedding, so hopefully my friends baby will make an appearance whilst i'm there! image via L'espoir

Because it's Monday...
 via here

I'm sorry I haven't gotten round to everyones blogs yet, my laptop keeps overheating (it's been 34-38 degrees the past week!) and I am currently damned with the spinning beach ball of death & never ending 'force quit' action! Ugh!

I hope you all have a super week... I am a little relieved to say that Greece is still in the Eurozone... but for how long, who knows? Anyhoos, I'm gonna be forever the optimist. Ciao for now lovers!
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