Wednesday, 27 June 2012

The Bride wore vintage & miu miu's

Hello everyone!

How's your week going? It feels like my life just fast forwarded in a nano-second and here I am back in super hot Athens! I honestly don't know where the past week went except that I had a total blast.
In a nutshell this was the news I received: Just landed in London - one of the BFF's water broke so our dinner plans together were scuppered, another BFF announced her pregnancy (I now have babies busting out from August, Oct, Nov & Dec - crikey!), my baby cousin (to me she's a baby anyway) announced her engagement (woohoo!) & erm... Oooh, I have a new haircut! Yup, I went for the chop and for two days, I experienced that weird phantom hair thing, particularly whenever I brushed my hair! Photos to share soon!
Just wanted to share a little snippet of what the bride wore... More to come loves!
Aren't these just to die for??? Remember Jo the Shoe Buyer/Designer from the I want this Job series? It was her fabulous wedding &  I wouldn't have expected anything less from her choice of footwear - the miu miu wedding heels rocked! She danced away all night in these beauties! Plus her dress was something else, Jo looked a vision of beauty in a lace vintage strapless gown.

I am slowly catching up on everything and yes, I realise I'm lagging massively in blogosphere, but I am still around. Have missed you guys & your inspiration in a mega way! Thanks for stopping by.

 via someecards

With July nearly upon us already & I can't help but ask myself where this year went or if my dreams/goals have been achieved or wondering if I could have done more, been more... It's just that in the past week I felt like I truly lived, maybe that's just London... It was frantic but in a good busy bee kinda way and I mananged to accomplish a lot in such a short space of time. So I find myself asking if I made the most of the past six months? What would I have done differently, changed or even improved? Do any of you ever feel like you've pushed the boundary hard enough or procrastinated til the very last moment because of fear? Lastly, I remember reading this somewhere and asked myself too: "When was the last time you did something for the very first time?'

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