Friday, 1 June 2012

Window Shopping Fun: The Queens Diamond Jubilee

Wow, what a week it's been! How are you guys holding up? 

Pretty Impressive Oxford Street huh? via here.

For those of you who don't really know me, I have a penchant for beautifully displayed windows and I can literally spend hours gawping at the visual splendours, genius concepts and design.

This weekend marks the 60th anniversary of the Queens reign and in honour, so pretty much every major store & the high-street in London have transformed their windows to depict all things traditionally British. Oxford street is buzzing with Britishness and flying the flag or patriotism along with 147 flags with the faces of Brit Cool fashion! Some faces on the flags include Geraldine O’Brien, Head of Design Development, Topshop & Kay Christophe, Head Machinist, Temperley London, but that's not all. Did you know there are over 50,000 fashion experts alone in Oxford street and at least 49,000 skilled manufacturers - WOW?
Be warned, this post is going to be photo heavy, but since this is one guilty pleasure I'm not able to witness in the flesh, I'll just have to indulge & share with you this way instead.

I am literally dying over Harvey Nichols windows, I don't know how their creative team did it, but I love the 1950's vibe and all the installments. This little corner shop is dead cute!

Ooh, very tongue n' cheek! 

These are all so much fun to look at, no? You can see more of the making of Harvey Nichols Windows here. (images also via Harvey Nichols)

Browns not to be outdone by other major stores have come up with impressive visual displays, there's even a paper corgi by the talented Ivana Nohel and illustrations for both backdrops and windows by Gemma Milly! See more images here.

Selfridges, below are also celebrating in style with The Great British Bang windows, the actual window displays are designed by one of the creatives on the team - James Barnett, images via his blog  Make me an offer 

The Royal Ascot theme

Builders Tea Party - and the builders bum! How typical! Ha!

 The Mini Cooper
More Selfridges images via Vogue here

Harrods have gone with the Crown theme, with 31 stunning designs by the worlds greatest designers, including Paul Smith below.  More images and the making of via Harrods here.
Loving all the intricate and innovative designs, just wish I could see them for real!

Totally unrelated to windows, but so damn good is Marmite, my ultimate 'on toast' love & Pimms - a gin based liquer & traditional British beverage! Cannot get the stuff out here...

Last but not least - a snap of the Tower Bridge with light installation! via here

Sorry, kinda went a bit bananas on The Best of British didn't I?! I hope you enjoyed though!

Wishing you all a wonderful weekend & Καλό μήνα !
Have an awesome June!
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