Friday, 8 June 2012

Visions of a Colour-Filled Summer

 Clemence Poesy for Glamour UK (Feb 2012) by David Oldham - loved this entire shoot btw via here.
Hello darlings, are you glad it's Friday?

Summer has been in full swing over here for quite some time. It's one of my favourite seasons as that's when I truly feel I'm at my optimal best. These days I'm letting my imagination run wild, smiling at the most ridiculous things I see, along with this fantastic quote I read recently in the back of my mind: "Someone else is happy with less than what you have."

Maxi's, mini's, it doesn't really matter what, as long as there's colour! via here
I simply adore pink exteriors, love this! via here
Beautiful blooms by Thomas Blumenthal via flickr
Tropical colours depicts the perfect summer for me - think oranges & pinks. via here
The works of Eric Cahan via here

How would you describe your favourite summer colours? I always seem to struggle when describing colours I love, call me crazy but it's somewhere along the lines of sunset/dusk or a packet of Tooty Fruity's (purple, pinks, orange) or the sea (emerald greens, azure blues)...
So true! Anyways... Gotta go...
 My rides here gorgeous people...

Have a wickedly awesome weekend!

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