Monday, 30 January 2012

Because It's Monday: Gimme Some Sparkles

Ok, perhaps not my sentiments exactly today, but I'm pretty sure most of you suffer from those Manic Mondays, or even blaah Mondays... It's the start to the new working week, so my wish for you is to grab a coffee or power shake and rock on this week!

I guess this first picture does somehow reflects my mood of late, being pulled in numerous directions, trying to do everything and trying to balance it all very carefully. I feel like those performance artists with spinning plates... and if one falls then the others may well do the same... Crash and burn.

Therefore, I'm going to take a mini break from the blog. So please forgive me if I fall behind on my blog roll and don't comment back immediately over next week or so. You guys mean the world to me, & those who know me well, will know that I always have time for you & reply back (unless you're a spammer asking to follow, if this is the case, please do me the courtesy of visiting at least a few times so I remember who you are & build up a relationship).
I am still around, I just need to focus on some other bits right now, If anyone has ever been in the position of playing role-reversal amongst other things, you may well know what I mean...

Yes please, I wouldn't mind a re-fillable glittery coffee cup

I'd like to try this soon, pretty glittery nails with black bow-tie.

The Festival of Light, Lanterns filling the sky in Chiang Mai, so beautiful. I once saw this festival in Laos, one of the most remarkable places on earth. Everyone just got together, it was amazing seeing a community of people gel together to create such a beautiful festival.

Words to live by, Audrey is often right, no?

New readers, regular kittens, silent followers/visitors, you're awesome!

Have a great week everyone!
Καλή εβδομάδα!!!

images via: 1, 2 & 3, 4 - Google images & 5 (edited by ABG)

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