Monday, 6 February 2012

BeSPECtacular Beauties

Well hey there gorgeous people! How was your week?

Yup, if it weren't for glasses I'd be walking into walls and hugging random people on the streets thinking they were my friends! (I have done that by the way - waving and saying hi to strangers that is.) For a while now (and that's a long while ago mind), ever since I took my driving lessons at the tender age of seventeen, I thought my eyesight was perfect but me squinting and trying to read the number plate 20.5 metres ahead told me otherwise.

Anyhoos, I've worn all kinds of frames in my time, but haven't found the perfect pair of slight cat-eye frames. I need a change of frames people. In the meantime, i'm loving these beauties...

Brigitte Bardot looking super sexy and stylish in her frames

Not sure which campaign this is for, but I'm going with Tom Ford or Gucci because it's tres sexy - answers on a postcard please as this was found on good ole Pinterest.

Geek style chunky black frames - seeing more and more of this trend nowadays, will they ever go out of fashion?

Yeah, this are kinda gorgeous, but also kinda pricey too, sigh!

Wishing you all a wonderful week, Be Spectacular, spectacular!!!
A warm welcome to new readers who found me via Zumba!!!

Thanks for your patience over this past week, I'm catching up with you all slowly but surely and being inspired!

images via: Bella185 tumblr, Bardot Gallery, Pinterest & Tom Ford
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