Wednesday, 4 January 2012

Re-inventing, Re-doing, Re-making... Craftista Inspiration

Welcome 2012 (in my head I'm saying Twenty Twelve, I blame the Olympic's influence)!

I hope you've all had a brilliant time and that the New Year kicked off with a mighty positive bang.
In the midst of the New Years madness, a pair of my t-bar jewel satin strappy heels had an excessive night out and some of the gems fell out, so I have a funny lookin' pair of heels now, so what to do?

I scoured the net for some inspiration and thought this would be brilliant! Need to get hold of some black satin or even chunky lace to conceal the missing gems!
via LoveMaegan

I've also discovered some 'bingo' brilliance in the craftista department, when it comes to DIY fashion too. As much as I love shopping, I love the idea of re-inventing, re-making and re-doing! I already have plenty in my wardrobe, and like many women probably don't wear 25-30% of it. I guess this weekend will be a good excuse to browse through what to keep, chuck or charity.

Detachable collar via eleven objects.
I can imagine making your own version of this using whatever fabric base and whatever interest detail you have; so buttons, jewels, ribbon, pearls, badges etc.
DIY glitter nail polish via GlitternGlue
So simple it's genius. Puring fine glitter (any colour you fancy) into a clear polish and giving it a good shake rattle and roll before applying.

Such a pretty statement necklace from the legendary ps...I made this posse.

Yeah, I know, it's not exactly shorts weather but it is in Australia/NZ/S.Africa, so here's a fantastic idea for re-inventing your denim shorts. A lace crochet insert
via OohSoChic tumblr

Have a fantastic mid-week!
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