Thursday, 23 February 2012

Blog Oscars: Will the Real A Brit Greek Please Stand Up

Hey guys how goes your week so far? I've just realised this is a blog post that's long overdue, and there are lots of lovely people in blogosphere I'd like to thank!
I was recently handed out my version of the Blogs Oscars, one of these being the "I Love music and your blog award" & also the "Versatile blog" award from the lovely & inspirational blogger (and athlete)- Naomi Addy from She got her own - Thank you so much koukla!
Also very, very recently I was honoured with the "Versatile blogger" award from Jadina of British Dreams & Yellow Umbrellas. Thank you poptart!

...and....a "Thanks for your gorgeous blog" via Ulia from View From Heels - Thank you beautiful, you totally rock!

I am always astounded when someone presents me with an award... Thank you for all your support readers, random visitors & anonymous invisible readers!

So here are a few random facts about myself... you'll have probably seen my "The A-Z of me - Tell me about yourself award" post over here but here are some new ones below!
  • I'm not really one for having 'normal' photos taken... What I mean is that I nearly always manage to pull a silly face! So, who am I? Since many of you have wondered who the face behind this blog is... I guess I'll just share the one image with y'all!
ME & my love of cobalt...Bloggers, I salute you... for your support!
  • I loved reading books as a kid and still do. I say bring back those crazy choose your own adventure books where you flip to different pages for different endings! They should do these for adults with love, career options, thrillers... like Sliding Doors but in a book! Currently engrossed in the Steve Jobs biography.
  • ...and when books didn't feed me enough, I ended up growing up to these brilliant 80's tv shows like The A-Team, Knight Rider (tell me i'm not the only one who thought a talking car named KIT was super cool?), Roseanne, ALF, Married with children, Saved by the bell... Yeah, I'm not ashamed to admit they were cool! Currently addicted to Revenge & Hawaii Five-0.
Via Lonely Planet

  • I love to travel, am fascinated with different cultures & have visited many places already, but with the world being so big and all, there are so many other beautiful places yet to discover. Some of you already know that I once had a run in with Mick Jagger in Ta Prohm Temple in Cambodia (where Angelina Jolie filmed Tomb Raider), years back... best day ever... also got to see sunrise at Angkor Wat and also run into some of my Aussie mates in a tuk tuk - such a beautiful place there!
via Pinterest
  • I'm really good at shooting hoops... be it Basketball or Netball (I used to be Goal Attack). There's this game at the fair or games arcade which the mr. and I love to play... you shoot hoops and if you get over a certain score it gives you another game, but this time the hoops start moving... Don't know why but it gives me such a buzz scoring & hoops! I'm such a weirdo!!!

  • This is such a bizarre thing to say but yeah, i've had this discussion with friends before...(maybe after a couple of bottles of vino or perhaps it was after watching 'ZombieLand'!)- in case of a Zombie Apocalypse, I would choose Selfridges to be my hideout/lair till things tide over (or till we get infected and turn into Zombies ourselves-ha!)! What's not to love about this place? There'd be security (burly men at the doors with shoot to kill commands), bathroom amenities, Entertainment, Fashion, Make up/beauty, restaurants/food, reading material... What a classy joint eh? Yeah, my bunch of friends are an exceptionally creative bunch, most working in fashion, advertising and whatnot, so conversations are never dull!
  • Inventions: My bff's and I always like to talk about crazy inventions we would love to have in life... like a teleporting fridge/naughty cupboard! Or basically where you go "I've baked something amazing, you want a slice? - Ok, just chucking it in the cupboard for you now" - other person opens cupboard door and hey presto, slice of cake! This conversation existed for the pure purpose of friend torturing me with dim sum talk...which you cannot get over here and I miss it. I love my food, me.
Five Favourite songs: This is a bit hard since I listen to pretty much everything and lurve music. Perhaps I'll do my fave songs that are a great start to chillout Sunday.

That was really hard! There are so many songs's that I'll just have to share next time on my Sunday posts!

Admittedly, the difficulty in receiving such awards is deciding whom to pass it onto. I'm big on sharing the love & since there are so many of you fantastic & super stylish Bloggers, readers, commenters (peeps on my sidebar/blogroll), I'm going to cheat and dedicate these Blog Awards to all of you!!! I know, it's cheating! But you're all so wonderful!

I know it's only Thursday, but still, I saw this on Pinterest and it kinda made me chuckle...

via Alyssa Peters on Pinterest
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