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Red Carpet Ready: Preparing for the Oscars & Major Events

We're all familiar with the red-carpet, the actual Oscars show and after party shin-digs, but ever wondered what it takes to get ready for a big event, or even a big photo shoot? Remember this amazing, smoking hot shoot that Gwynnie did for Harpers Bazaar, by Terry Richardson?

Gotta say, she looked every inch of 'gorgeous' and since Gwynnie watches what she eats and exercises regularly, I'd imagine prepping for a major event doesn't require much effort. Here are some behind the scenes photos/account of Gwynnie preparing for the Emmy's last year.

Rachel Zoes' old studio stacked with shoes, racks of designer dresses & purses, wouldn't mind dipping into this kind of open plan closet any day! Feeling a gaggle of lust, envy & even major surge of blood rushing to the head.

First up, from a stylists perspective, there's gotta be always plenty of options... be it shoes, bags, bling or dresses, there can never be enough options - anyone who has watched the Rachel Zoe Project will know what I mean. This includes going for different, no ALL tones of gold; antique, yellow to my fave word - 'Gilver' coloured bling - that's gold and silver combined folks!

You'll also know only too well how kerr-a-zee her team and just about any other stylist gets during pre-Oscar frenzy, especially the fight for the perfect dress for their clients. With NYFW & LFW having closed all too recently, I wonder who is going to wear what to tomorrow's 84th Academy Awards.

Purse options for Gwynnies Harpers Bazaar shoot via Goop

Oh and let's not forget the right underwear too, as camera flashes picks up everything & can reveal too much! As for rocking heels all night, one stylists recommends dropping an advil (same thing as neurofen/ibuprofen) to deal with the pain & making sure you have a plaster handy.

Fittings take place around a week before to a day or two before, but back-up dresses are always at hand in case anything else goes wrong. Here's a great read from celeb stylists Wendi and Nicole Ferreira on Red Carpet perfection via LAtimes.

Plenty of hot, badass heels, via Goop

Celeb Red Carpet Prep: I think this list below just about covers nearly all of it. The process to look amazing on the Red Carpet can start as early as 2 months before - totally banana's right, but I think that many A-listers have so much going on that they go with quick fixes at least a week to 2 weeks prior to a major event. Thing is, you just can't cheat with exercise, no amount of laxative, pills or nutrients will transform your body... Here's what Celebrity Trainer, Harley Pasternak had to say about slim-down secret pre-Oscars 2012, via (click on highlighted name link).
  • Detoxifying or Slimming wraps, anything to get rid of a few inches.
  • Getting a 'Blow-Out' preferrably at The Prive salon, Neil George, Chris McMillan, or Frederic Fekkai salon in LA
  • A Facial - up to 1 month before a big event, Hollywood dermatologists get to work on celebs using a variety of non-invasive treatments, to smooth out the under-eye area and reduce crow's feet. One week before: 'LHA (lipohydroxy acid) peel on the face, chest, and back for smoother, tighter skin. OR having a pick-and-mix of popular quick-fix treatments, such as having lines and grooves filled with Restylane, Juviderm or Radius (depending on the location on the face), wrinkles zapped with Botox, and skin tightened with a minimally invasive chemical peel'. Oh and closer to 5 days before - major de-fuzzing action!
  • Celebs try to avoid stress breakouts, by staying away from white foods — dairy, sugar, white bread, pasta, and rice — all of which can aggravate acne. Other fitness experts say 'eat clean', so none of the above plus no wheat, no alcohol, or coffee 2 weeks prior to event - Heck, i'd be a walking crazy lady by then... Having said that I am giving up a few things from Pure Monday/ Καθαρά Δευτέρα onwards.
  • My random but fave tip for preventative sagging neck measures: "Curl your tongue upward and press it against the roof of your mouth. Hold for five seconds. Repeat. Do this a few times throughout the day to help tighten the neck tissues and fight sagging." via Dr. Jessica Wu/DailyGlow.
  • One day before: Salon work - hair treatments, mani/pedi's. Moisturize that bod!
  • Work on that pose!
  • 2/3 hours before celebs get in the car: make up, hair, dress! Loved this account from Angela Levin, Make-Up artist to the stars, account of her Oscar day with clients. Also brilliant and good see behind the scenes is Heidi Klum's video account of her ' Getting ready for the Golden Globes transformation'.

Charlize Theron is one of those blessed with great genes, I'd imagine it wouldn't take her long to get ready. Loved this dramatic Dior Couture gown, will there be more white at this years Oscars?(Golden Globes 2012, via Daily Mail)

Emma Stone looked beautiful at the Golden Globes, her foray in fashion has been well documented last year, let's hope she wears a winner tomorrow!
Kate Beckinsale - always one of my fave red carpet contenders. Did you know she didn't realize she could hire a stylist for major events until much later into her career? She always looks great and efffortlessy stunning.

One last mention for the story that tickled me sideways was the 'Bribes offered by designers to persuade A-listers to wear their gowns' via Daily Mail. They already get the amazing swag bags if presenting an award... what more do they want???

Will any of you be watching the Oscars tomorrow? Who are you guys rooting for? Want to take a trip down memory lane, I've joined Pinterest... bloody addictive stuff, right? So yeah I've started pinning some of best Oscar/Red Carpet frocks over the past decade, it's here!

p.s A huge thank you to all your touching and wonderful comments on my last post - you sure know how to put a smile on a girls face! Wishing you all a glamourous weekend!

Images via Daily Mail, Just Jared and Grazia.

More info & sources: ,, Harpers Bazaar & Goop
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