Monday, 13 February 2012

The weekend that was: The Glam, the Sad & the Bad

Well hello lovelies, how did your weekend go? It was sure one hulluva weekend, jam-packed with glam happenings and sad tragic news.
R.I.P Whitney Houston, you had such an amazing & mighty voice and will always be remembered. What a tragic loss. I still remember my first ever double tape I got - I think it was NOW 1986, featuring Whitney's "I wanna dance with somebody" - what a brilliant tune.

I can't say that I like to write about negative happenings but it is hard to ignore the hell that was unleashed over the weekend in Athens. In case you haven't heard, several building were in flames... I don't think anyone was hurt, but the riots are hardly something one stomachs easily. The future of this country looks incredibly bleak and a far cry from what life used to be like here...

Anyhoos, moving on! I absolutely adore Milla's old Hollywood glamour look whilst hosting the Scientific and Technical Oscars - who knew there was such a category?! She does Old Hollywood glam so well and still doesn't look like she's aged one bit! More images via here.

There are a whole host of celebs getting knocked up lately, these guys know a thing or two when it comes to Red Carpet maternity style. Alessandra Ambrossio is a fine example, looking ultra glam & doing the Samba so well at the carnival in Rio!

Hoorah for Adele on her second Vogue cover! Plus a big fat Greek congrats on winning 6 Grammys! Well deserved... I swear, whoever broke her heart made her super freakin' rich!

Karl, although I love you and your work, she is NOT "too fat" monsieur! The breathtaking cover on the right is from the October issue of UK Vogue, 2011. I swear the imagery is to die for in that issue, this songstress just blew me away!

Michelle Williams at the Bafta's last night wearing H&M! Yes you read it right... accentuated with a flower at the waistband & carrying Arthur Miller's The Misfits & Natalie Portman carrying the Lolita book clutch... both sporting the coolest arm-candy ever by Olympia Le-Tan.

My fave picture of all time from Fashion Week. David Beckham snapping away on the Front row and seated next to Anna Wintour.

Was there anything else I missed? I hope you all have a sparkly week!

images via & Getty/API,
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