Wednesday, 15 February 2012

SexyBack: MadWalk 2012 -Fusing Fashion & Music Part 1

Sexy front & backs! Vicky opened the show in a white maxi dress, and had multiple outfit changes as shown. Loved both the girls in Celia Kritharioti Haute Couture (above right via Miss and their contrasting black and white ensemble by Deux Hommes.

Last week I attended one of Fashion & Musics most anticipated events in Greece's hip happenings calendar, courtesy of MAD TV.
It was such a grand and visually mind-blowing event as Designers and Music artists went all out at the MadWalk event by Vodafone. Since this was my first time going to this event, I really wasn't sure what to expect... especially since the venue was surrounded by an enormous carpark that was made entirely of pebble and stone.
Me: "Cr**" I was really hoping to A) not wipe out & B) not ruin my heels OR C) get my maxi dress caught on my heels, hence my maxi knot... It was also damn cold too and waiting outside for an hour really did not help!
Anyhoos, I had an smashing time! There's no denying that an amalgamation of music and fashion could produce such great vibes and a beautiful spectacle. Plus running into my blogger buds and meeting new ones is always fun, good times all round!

Ok, I thought I'd start you off with glam presenter and model, Vicky Kaya's outfits along with her co-presenters, Mary Sinatsaki and Greek Ken doll (he's actually a pop star) Kostas Martakis.

Vicky's super daring & also rather cheeky outfit by Celia K Couture, teamed with a pair of Loubs!

The event opened with Kostas Martakis (below) perforing his new song, "Endasi" which also features both Mary and Vicky - like Barbie dolls... The video reminds me of Clockwork Orange vs "je ne sais quoi" Can't put my finger on exactly what it was it reminded me of though! Mary Sinatsaki in her maids outfit...

Super talented Helena Paparizou pretty much kick started the event, whilst Deux Hommes
presented their collection.

Hello Katerina Stikoudi (model) - on the red carpet (via studio Panoulis) and serious outfit change for her performance with NEBMA. I love this velvety green number teamed with chunky necklace.

Greece's very own Barbie doll - TV presenter and model Doukissa Nomikou strutting her stuff in a cheeky outfit for Celia K couture. This was by far the naughtiest outfit of the soiree, and the rest of Celia's collection is nothing like this! More on that next time!

Loved all the dramatic openings and this was a fantastic and super sexxxy performace by Eleni Foureira (above and below)

Eleni Foureira presented Angelos Bratis collection

Legendary Greek singer Natasa Theodoridou opened Efi Papaoiannou's collection. I never thought I'd ever hear such a beautiful voice, no wonder she's so popular! Also loved the chess board set up for showing the collection too - more on the fashion front in Part deux peeps!

I have never seen so many camera's and phone's go off like it did when Sakis Rouvas - Greece's answer to King of Pop showed up on stage with a sexy army of dancers & performed "Bad Thing" with Nomi Ruiz.

A very Louis Vuitton icecream inspired setting for Midenistis ft. Demy, opening for Celia K couture! I'll have to share the actual fashion snaps in part 2 as there are way to many pics!

It was such a fun event! One of my other fave performances of the night was Ilia Darling & My excuse covering Rihanna's "We Found Love", who rode on a black carousel horse down the centre of the catwalk - amazing! So, what were some of your favourite looks? There were lots of OTT and racy outfits, far too many for my liking, but some of the designers collections were to die for... coming up another time peeps!

I know it's a bit late but I sure hope everyone had a Valentines Day filled with love and smiles...
I was utterly sick, not from OD'ing on chocolates or anything... I've only literally got my appetite back from a stomach bug and feeling ever so slightly human again! Saving myself for a chocolate induced coma on the weekend!

Ciao for now, beautiful people!

images: All property of A Brit Greek unless stated otherwise
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