Saturday, 24 July 2010

Honey, I shrunk Cameron Diaz for Top Gear

(note Cameron & Tom - same height here)

Ok, as random as this is (and you guys know how random I can be), I was doing rounds of papers this morning and came across these images... I love Top Gear and will openly admit that & the fact that the dudes on this show are quite stoopidly funny. They have the best job on telly & heaps of fun driving all sorts of cars (usually really nice ones) and do random trips across the world in the most ridiculous get ups.

Anyhow, as Cameron Diaz and Tom Cruise are currently UK bound for the Premiere of their new movie - Knight & Day, they joined Britain's mission to uncover the identity of the Stig (mysterious race driver on the TV show). Is it me or does Cameron Diaz look like she's been shrunk purposely (so that she's shorter than Tom) in one of the promotional shots for Top Gear?

She looks remarkably smaller here, than the shot above, no?

Neat camera angle trick!


After significant training with the Stig, the Hollywood stars competed against each other (amongst a few other stars) for the best lap time, for the 'Star in a reasonably priced car' feature - that being a Ford Kia. The results will be aired live this Sunday on BBC - sadly in Greece we're way behind!!!
Apparently Cam totally broke the clutch in her high-speed circuit race & called out to the Stig for help!

Here's Cam (in heels so looking taller) & Tom looking fab at their Premiere!
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