Saturday, 17 July 2010

What? Primark launches new beauty range from £1

I almost fell off my chair reading this in Instyle yesterday, Primark have re-launched their Beauty collection starting with a make over in packaging (did the peeps at 'Benefit' or 'Soap & Glory' do the branding?) and prices starting at a mere £1. Crazy, no?
Primark packaging - Face creams - £2

Benefit packaging

Soap & Glory packaging & it's witty names for each product such as 'Easy Glistening', 'Sexy mother Pucker' (amazing lip gloss) and 'Off your face' cleansing wipes

In the UK, Primark (aka Primarni) is the budget fashion high-street retailer that you either love or hate. However, for most, it's a shopper's paradise for seriously amazing bargains, that you wear a few times and then it's game over as the seams fall apart after a few washes.

Ta Da under eye concealer £2.50

So, what of their make up/beauty range? Looks slick but what about quality and whether it's been tested on animals or not?

UV reactive nail polish
Mascara from £2

Lip gloss - £3

Glow cheek blusher - £3

Bloominous Face and body illuminator - £3

Sunscreen only £2.30 - but will it do the job? Best opt for Boots own range, at least you know it's been scientifically tested.

So, anyone UK based - would you buy anything from this range by Primark?

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