Thursday, 22 July 2010

"I Want this Job" post coming up a wee bit!!! So excited!

Guys, you'll have to forgive me, I've had a very rushed week of projects and also a beloved friend of mine gave birth to a very cute baby girl!!! Thank you to everyone leaving sweet comments, being kind enough to follow or simply checking this blog out.

I have THE BEST "I want this Job" post to follow in a bit (he's brilliant & one of my fave Make-Up Artists) so keep yer knickers on girls...

I haven't had 'A Brit Greek' rambling for a long time but I'm currently suffering from the worst burst of insomnia at the moment so I feel like a crazy lady in need of copious cups of coffee.
As you know the Greeks have a genuine love affair with coffee and me (not Greek) - I have a thing for flavoured coffee - some of you will go 'ugh' at this point but I love flavoured syrups; Vanilla, Caramel and my latest addiction - Hazelnut (like Frangelico but without the alcohol!). You gotta love 1883 de Philibert Routin - the luxury flavoured syrups for coffee and desserts for their inventions...

Plus in is heat, I must be the only weirdo who still has their morning coffee hot! Don't worry I do have a ice cold freddo cappucino 'metrio' (- love the Greek language for inventing words like this so you don't need to say how many sugars when ordering, it simply means medium-sweet).

It's so hot here, I'm considering getting one of those paddling pools for kids and putting one out on the terrace so I can just jump in! Ha!
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