Friday, 30 July 2010

Life Saver's - Beauty SOS

This heat is causing all kinds of crazy but i'm armed with some life saver essentials which take me through summer & get me sorted in a jiffy.

Ok, i'm going to start with something really interesting - Stella of Shopping Therapy commented on a recent post, wishing Yiannis Marketakis - Make Up extraordinaire, would reveal some beauty/make up secrets, such as 'how do you prevent make up from melting or sliding off your face in this heat?'

I'm going to reveal the secret to preventing a sweaty face (it worked on Whitney Houston & Britney when they perform!)... Ok, so you need to mix 'Ban Clear Gel Deodorant (only available in the US, but Sure Women Crystal Clear Aqua Deodorant Stick, £1.95, works too) with a foundation that has a good finish - it just means that the foundation will prime/stick better to your skin.

However, if you don't fancy that (I'm not sure I would, but then i don't wear foundation) try using a primer such as an Marini Skin Research Prime, £55 or Benefits 'That Gals" brightening face primer - available in the US, to UK & in Sephora.

Elizabeth Arden's 8 Hour cream is first aid in a bottle. Yes, I know it has a unique scent, not everyone loves it, but i've been buying this beauty SOS in a bottle for years. I carry it everywhere all year round, as you never know when you need to help soothe & rehydrate chapped lips, skin (if caught in full gale force winds), burns, also looks great as a natural lip gloss, can be smoothed over eyes and cheekbone area for a healthy sheen and natural glow too. See it's like miracle in a bottle! I always pick this up from Duty Free or Superdrug in the UK who always seem to do the most amazing offers! Oh and a little goes a long way!

Clarins Beauty Flash Balm - Clarins just works for me, this product pops out a lot - to brighten up winter complexion, but more importantly there's something in this product which helps give boost radiance. I use this after i've slapped on my daily moisturiser with SPF, then give my cheeks a quick pinch for colour if you don't use blusher! I don't really wear much make up in summer, but for a night out, water proof mascara is a lifesaver, you don't really want it smudging and sliding into the corner of your eyes, no one like to see a mascara bogey!

I love a good leave-in conditioner like the one by Aussie Miracle Hair Insurance, smells yum and does wonders if you've been for a swim in the sea or are caught up in the summer sun.

Keep lipsticks, eye pencils and some make up in the fridge. In these scorching temperature I always stash everything in a clear zip lock bag in the fridge and take out at least 10 mins before i really need it.

Some of you guys are on holiday or have just returned - if you want to keep that tan, keep moisturizing! Have always loved Palmer's Cocoa Butter - cheap and bloody efficient, also love the Soap and Glory ranges of butters, and the Body Shop range of Body butters - i'm a sucker for body butters, please don't judge! There are also lots of products which do After Sun Tan prolongers too such as Piz Buin & Nivea.

Wet wipes or Cleansing face wipes - those are handy in all kinds of situations!

Last of all... Totally random and unrelated - Alka Seltzer - I wish they sold this in Greece. I usually stock up when in the UK. This is your hangover & headaches fixer upper! Honestly, this works brilliantly - i think the equivalent in Greece is Dupon - the effervescent version.

So what beauty nightmares have some of you experienced this summer and what products have essentially saved you from drama?

Have a fab fab weekend everyone!!!

images via Boots, Piz Buin
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