Wednesday, 5 May 2010

B if for Beauty, Bags, Books & Bulk Buy

I had this postcard from oooh, 10, maybe 12 yrs ago, but it was my ethos back then!

I think i may have helped boost the British economy with my recent trip home to see my folks and a few girlies who have just got engaged - congrats you guys!!! I seriously went all out and bought some bits back that i knew i couldn't get over here. A cheetah doesn't really change it's spots and some old habits die hard when it comes to beauty buys (from Boots). Some of the below (i say some because i have got an insane amount of stuff) are just what i live religiously by, although the Organic Surge Cleanser & Soap & Glory Flake me away is a new thang to try out- they have this other stuff called Sugar Spa scrub which is awesome!

From top left:
  • This is a global product which i swear by and have done for 15 yrs+, Palmer's Cocoa Butter Formula just smells yummy and helps with the dry bits.
  • The Sanctuary - Body Moisture Spray - divine smell and softens the skin straightaway, it's a total SOS in a bottle.
  • Clarins One step cleanser - Love this & the half oil mix - helps leave the skin soft in the harsher drier, colder months (i was running out so picked up another bottle at Duty free). This is yet another wonderful smelling product which cleanses properly and gets rid of a hard nights out eye make up!
  • Organic Surge Daily Care face wash - new yet to try out!
  • Comme Des Garcons 2 perfume - How can i explain this - It's an incredible smell, people glide over to you and ask what you're wearing nearly all the time! It's one of my all time favourite scents but i alternate a lot depending on mood.
  • Soap & Glory Flake me away - spa body polish - gotta get my pins scrubbed up for summertime show! The little pot is a travel sized body butter - v handy!
  • Dr. Nick Lowe Super Charged SPF15 Day cream - 1st time buy, but it is good stuff.
  • Simple Range of products - Night cream & Day cream are awesome because they always have no perfume, no colour and are great for sensitive skin. Oh and they're totally bank & budget friendly too!

Moving on, here's a tiny sneak peak of what i've picked up on my recent trip. More snapshots to follow! Believe me when i say there's more goodness to show! You may be aware of my love for bib style necklaces, the denim one above was a cheap and cheerful buy.

B is definitely for Bulk buy - why buy one when you can get 2 pairs of cute floral sequin flats?

Was having a Sex & The City moment - oversized clutch/across the body bag, nuff said!

Easy going vest top with decorative stitch detail on the back-cute eh?

B is for Books
I love books, call me a geek if you want to, but having come close to running out of reading material i ordered via Amazon for these little purchases. Yes, there are a few Greek books there, only the GCSE (aimed at 15/16 yr olds) book is based on the ancient language and is rather difficult and so outta my intellectual league - bedtime reading anyone?
Seriously there comes a time when after a girls gotta improve on grammar rather than 'Butcher the Greek language' as Fashion Butter calls it! I have been here for just over a year now and am as fluent as one can be, actually i'm fluent in the language of the Collins and Lonely Planet guide phrase books! Greek is such a beautifully rich and grand language that i want to be able to progress, advance and learn more - it's such a difficult language but i'm slowly getting there.

I'll mention the Girl with the Dragon tattoo, because everyone on the tube and trains were sucked into their own little worlds reading this book. It's been a while since i got into a good book.

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