Monday, 10 May 2010

Running errands...

Is about the least most favourite thing to do in Greece!

I'm about to begin my rant but i now have to run to another bank and go pick up some stuff from the post office only it's already taken me the best part of an hour and a half queuing (with ticket - as you would at the Charcuterie counter at a supermarket circa 1980 something) at a bank waiting to be served. How people pay bills whilst getting their real jobs (if it were a 9-6) done is beyond me.

I probably would have signed up paying for stuff by Direct Debit (DD), but somehow i just don't really trust the fact that if i were ever to phone up and cancel DD it would ever get done thus money continue to be taken out...

It took me well over 2 months get phone/internet when i first moved here... anyways, so i'm not holding my breath.

If i ever make it back i shall share some summer skirty goodness!
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