Saturday, 22 May 2010

Countdown to Sex & The City 2 and Carrie's Outfits

OMGG, the wait is almost over. SATC 2 is coming to your screens in a mere week! Yippeeee!!!

You'll have to forgive my over-excitedness for a bit. I don't usually get overly giddy over new flicks, but this is 'Sex and the City', a show which had me hooked from the word, go. I know some men and some women don't particularly like this show (or SJP for that matter, why? Only kidding, I've had a long list of things thrown at me before)... but hey the fashion is inspirational, no? For one thing, I do hope that this sequel really is as good as the hype... it seemed a bit far fetched that they've gone to Morocco (what's wrong with NYC?) but i'm sure there's a worthy explanation in the script.... I cannot wait. Ooooh, let's not forget the insane amount of dollar worthy fashion involved too, $10 mill - that's gotta be something!

As I'm on the subject of SATC, I dug out this fabulous coffee table number (don't you just love the mock croc cover?) given to me by a dear friend (she later bought me the entire DVD box set for my big b'day -love her!). If you're also a fan of the movie, this book is brilliant and covers everything about the SATC show, interviews, behind the scenes shots, info on how it all started to real life stories which inspired the show and of course who is behind the crazy outfits worn in the show. So here's a little peek guys...

Wardrobe breakdown of each of the fabulous foursome

Below: The cute pink Loubs she wore in the finale of S4 - just as Miranda gave birth and her water broke over them...and the Anna Molinari dress - lush!

I love Carries high bun - she knows how to work it! OTT is so Carrie - especially the pearl overload power!

Carrie's outfits from the 1st movie below - which of these are your favourite looks?

When the first flick came out, I went with all my girls back at home to watch this... we laughed (when Charlotte 'Poo kippsied'...), almost cried (won't ruin it for those who haven't seen it yet) and had a great time.

Will anyone be going to the Fashion Party at the Mall (Village all day bar) on Wednesday evening for the launch as mentioned by Skinny & Flavoured here? Hopefully, the sequel is going to be awesome!

To get your copy of this 'Kiss & Tell' book try Amazon.

For a full run down of the SATC 2 Movie click here, The Daily Mail have done a great round up of characters, fashion & plot line....

images via: Village Cinemas GR, Fab Sugar, Sex & The City Book.

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