Tuesday, 25 May 2010

A Big Fat thank you!

The much adored and super brilliant recycling Maddie over at Wardrobe Recycle has graciously honoured me with a blog award. Thanks a million girl!

I am flabbergasted, it was a little unexpected to say the least... why? Well, I didn't think many people read what gets emptied out of my pretty, little head sporadically to be honest.

I never intended this blog to be fashion related (-
I'm sure you won't want to see any sucky images of me in outfits, besides there are lots of you lovelies, who are doing a beauty of a job already), hence you will see some randomness and a whole lotta lurve for stuff... I just gotta share it with y'all.

Thank you readers (however frequent or random you may be) for checking out what I digress & ramble on about and your lovely comments, which make me smile. Settling into a new country or any country is hard enough, but one where the lingo is completely different is certainly no easy feat.

I wanted to know everything; where all the cool, unique shops were (i'm sure there are a few secret places I still don't know about yet), fab events, how to get from A to B, where I could go for a run other than the gym (- not on the roads/pavements here - too scary!), great places to visit... Anyhow, I am getting there! I still miss home though but the new life I have here is awesome and is constantly filled with interesting experiences.

image via Vogue, UK

I mean, once when I was ordering at a restaurant, I asked for 'A salad of boys', what I really meant was a cucumber salad... yikes! Should have seen the look on my mans face and the waiters! Hilarious, but aghori (boy) & aguri (cucumber) sound pretty similar when said, no?- Ok, Ok, maybe my pronunciation was awful but I had just only moved here!

US VOGUE 05 - Steven Meisel

I'm forever grateful for the Greek fashionista/beauty Bloggers out there who inspire me daily and give me a sense of familiarity with Athens - it's like reading
Time Out & Grazia sometimes but better and more well informed. You are my salvation girls!

I have a lot of fabulous people on my blog roll, which i like to dip into for bites of inspiration, but these luvvies deserve to be mentioned for being just awesome in every way:
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