Wednesday, 19 May 2010

Confessions of an anonymous fashionista

If you've been reading the Daily Mail, for like, ever, you will have noticed the excellent series of articles titled 'Confessions of a Fashionista'. I usually skip through the fluff and what Liz Jones has to say about fashion, but this anonymous writer (or perhaps it's more than just one? This years' articles reveal that she is working as an Agent for Hairdressers, Stylists, MUA's) has me in stitches (not all the time, it really isn't funny to laugh at the expense of others misfortunes) with her behind-the-fashion-scenes stories.

From Fashion Monkeys (working for Devil Wears Prada types) to Cake sniffers these articles are frank,
Exposé's peppered with tiny weeny bits of sugared exaggeration on top. Ok, I would probably say that some of the OTT'ness is for real though. (Note that these articles aren't supposed to be taken too seriously though).

One of my favourite's from last year, was whilst anonymous was moonlighting behind the scenes of a model agency, Confessing about Cake sniffers and another article about an experience with the Real Miranda Priestly or AKA Cruella de Stylist.

Here's a tight, de-caloried snippet from the article found here.

"Just as a mere taster of how severe the situation in the model world is, I have two words for you: Cake Sniffers.

For the past eight years I have had to endure working in office full of cake sniffers.

You might not have heard of this strange breed before, so let me introduce them.

They are crazy, deluded girls who think it is acceptable to have birthday cake, but calorie kamikaze to eat it.

Popstar Cheryl Cole & Carrot Cake - is she gonna eat it or sniff it?

The other article worth reading over your cup of tea or Fredo Cappucino is the Cruella de Stylist story...wonder who she is, hmmmm?

Whilst i'm on a roll, let's not forget this one, about crazy the fashion industry & how it looks to non-fashion people. Anonymous was sent a comment claiming that what she writes is all a lie...
Years ago I was at a star studded womens launch of a big fashion brand, littered with models, celebs, PR's, Agents, no-one ever really touches the canapes, it was all about liquid dinners... nuts right? My non-fashion BF and I always did the sensible thing and ate though. Hangovers are too just too painful otherwise.

Have any of you had some interesting experiences in your work life? In or out of (the crazy industry that is) Fashion?

Yummy Cupcake images via: Hey there-Cupcake
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