Sunday, 9 May 2010

Show you my wardrobe: Saturday night wear

Mr T. eat your hear out, my bling is nearly as fierce as your bling! As for my shoulder pooffing action, raaaah! Taking Mr T's blingy style for inspiration and 'Dynasty' for that great glory of shoulder pads! Seriously, I loved the A-Team growing up - that, Indiana Jones and Star Wars. I heart the 80's girls!

I strolled in a few wee hours ago when the it was bright outside, so still a little bleary eyed, but doing well after Alka Seltzer and a coffee. But anyhoos, here's that crazy 80's top i picked up from Primark on my recent trip back to London, which I promised to show ya!

So where did i end up? It was very last but some friends of ours were out and about and had a table at Θέα - Greek Bouzoukia place by the sea and called us to join them for a sneaky G+T. We saw a hot guy - Kostas Martakis (see below) perform and also another great singer Nikos Oikonomopoulos perform. Great turn out!

Whilst nearly everyone wore black, I chose to wear my hot coral top, admittedly i did stick out like a sore thumb, what with my Bananas outfit and structured shoulders!

But as Oscar Wilde once said "Be Yourself, everyone is already taken". Yeah... I kinda took that to a whole new meaning style-wise!

Saturday night sequins - yes, they are sequin skinnies - Mr. Perseus did question them with a raised eyebrow look! Dead funny!

Greek Pop Star Kostas Martakis

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